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Building Sustainable Ventures

MJC Launch is our incubator program for ambitious, talented entrepreneurs. We invest $50K to $100K in each selected opportunity and provide valuable expertise, including development, strategy, and management resources to support the launch of promising new ventures. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to read more and contact us if they see a fit.

Are You Ready to Launch a New Venture?

Is your idea competitive? Sustainable? Scalable? Is your revenue model realistic? Will it be sufficiently profitable? Can you create a defensible advantage? Are you committed to the process? Can you attract the necessary resources? Apply Here for MJC Launch.

Incubated Companies

We usually work with only three entrepreneurs (or teams) at a time. It's not that we don't believe in a diversified portfolio, we just know that limiting batch size allows us to provide laser-focused attention and an unparalleled depth of resources for each startup. Our current ventures include:

This company is based on the belief that effective learning can be achieved through an interactive online testing process. Neu Academic offers a database of questions, based on college-level textbooks or subjects, that students answer to identify knowledge gaps and subsequently gain understanding with a multi-level answer solution.

This company has become a leading resource for women seeking career fulfillment. Through interviews with successful women, original content, facilitated expert advice, and a variety of related services, Career Contessa provides guidance and support to a community of like-minded women at all stages of their professional career.

This company is developing a luxury lifestyle brand, for which its limited-edition product collections reflect an exceptional commitment to quality, authenticity, and usability. Targeting a niche customer segment, Virgil James will promote and sell its products online and through a unique invitation-only direct sales channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

MJC is more than just a partner with emerging ventures, we are a place where creativity is promoted, constant review encouraged, and potential realized. We provide an environment where progress is inevitable.
What is MJC Launch?

EMJC Launch is our startup incubator program that provides support and guidance for the development, growth and launch of new business ideas.

How do I apply for MJC Launch?

Interested entrepreneurs must complete an online application to be considered for MJC Launch. Because we work with "ideas" at the earliest stage, most applicants are not part of a formal or complete management team, nor are they part of a fully formed or established company. We are just as open to collaborating with solo entrepreneurs as we are to teams of two or three.

How does the incubator work?

For approximately 12 months (and longer, if necessary), entrepreneurs work closely with the talent at MJC to develop a strategically competitive idea, design a thoroughly reviewed business plan, and launch a new venture.

Our support team includes experts in strategy, finance, marketing, visual design, UI design and coding, network management, full-stack development, and customer service. They allocate their time and expertise to MJC Launch as might be required of any startup. In some cases, our services tend to be consultative, while in most cases, you'll think of us as your first employees! For professional services (i.e. legal, accounting, and banking), we use highly regarded outside resources with whom we've work with for years.

Over the course of your time in the incubator, we will help you build your own team as required. Entrepreneurs will have the option to work out of our offices in Solana Beach or Los Angeles alongside other entrepreneurs and the MJC team members.

What are the terms of the investment?

The MJC Launch process lasts approximately 12 months. During that period, we provide capital and development talent that has a direct value of at least $50K (and up to $100K). We also provide mentoring support, referrals, introductions and office space that have similar value.

In exchange for this investment, MJC is granted founder's equity equal to 10% of the newly formed company's outstanding ownership (i.e. common stock in a corporation or LLC).

What is a typical growth timeline?

Good things usually take time. We plan on spending at least a year working closely with entrepreneurs as their ideas are fully developed into a business. Typically, we incubate no more than three companies at any one time.

We prepare companies for sustainable growth with or without additional financing. If further capital is required after a company has been launched, we ensure that the new company is prepared to be successful with fundraising, and assist with the fundraising process as required.

How is the MJC Launch approach different?

Most incubators cater to volume in an attempt to create a diversified portfolio and mitigate the cost of failure. When portfolio size and diversification are the focus, it's unlikely that the incubated companies receive a lot of experienced help or direction. Typically, this approach to incubation provides an environment of "contagious excitement" where like-minded entrepreneurs develop their ideas with some basic support over a limited amount of time. Sounds good, but we think there is a better way, especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

MJC Launch is based on the belief that successful entrepreneurship is like an apprenticeship program, it requires a lot of support, guidance, and personal attention to get started. While proximity to other entrepreneurs can be energizing, our launch partners benefit more by working with a team of experts who challenge their ideas, strategies, and tactics — and then "get dirty" helping make a fully vetted plan a business reality.

As your incubation partner, we align MJC Launch with your goals, and resource requirements. We are prepared to work with you for a year or more, and provide a full range of resource support that leads to the market validation of your idea. Our goal is to ensure that each incubated idea is sustainable and ultimately fundable at terms that fairly value its potential. While we share this goal with other incubators, our approach is considerably more focused.

Is there an ideal venture that you prefer to work with?

Our strong preference is to work with entrepreneurs and ideas that leverage design, execution, and the use of web technologies as competitive advantages. The existence of a complete management team is not required, nor is it necessary to have legally formed a company or business entity. Our interest is in working with entrepreneurs at an early stage to develop the basis for a long-term, successful business that has the potential to demonstrate a valuation of at least $50 million within ten years.

What happens after MJC Launch?

Ultimately, successful and sustainable companies sell a product or service that has value to a sufficiently large and receptive customer base. With this in mind, our goal is to ensure that every venture has achieved product/market fit and has a plan and the means to obtain the support of its target customers. While we can't do the job for you, we can certainly minimize the risk of failure with appropriate guidance and support, and then launch each idea as a positive cash-flow venture or one that is financeable.

Team building is an especially critical part of developing a successful company. As required, we help identify, locate, and evaluate the talent each venture needs to be successful.